Staying safe while using public Wi-Fi

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For many people, gaming online is a big part of their day. However, we all know that the internet can’t always be trusted. With the recent news about data breaches and hacking attempts, it’s important to know what you’re up against when connecting your device to an unknown network.

It’s well-known that public Wi-Fi networks are not secure. When you use a public network to access the internet, any information you send or receive is being transmitted over an unencrypted connection.

This means that someone could easily intercept your data and steal it without you knowing. This is especially risky for online casino gamers because they provide sensitive personal and financial data to gaming accounts. For instance, when you register at the best NJ online casino, you’ll be required to provide banking details as you make your deposit. 

Here are four reasons why public Wi-Fi is risky for online gamers.

1. Hackers can capture your data

Gaming accounts on public networks are susceptible to identity theft and account takeovers. Gaining access to someone’s online gaming account gives hackers the ability to play games with their money, steal saved information such as passwords and credit card numbers, and even force a player out so that they can create an account in their own name. 

2. They could track your location

Using public Wi-Fi also leaves you open for tracking and location identification. Hackers may use the internet service provider (ISP) management console to see exactly where you are while using that particular Wi-Fi connection. This has been used before by cybercriminals who then utilize that information to commit fraud or cybercrime activities more easily against you.

3. They can intercept your files

Hackers also have the ability to monitor unsecured connections and use man-in-the-middle attacks to steal private information, including gaming accounts that store financial details and passwords. This can easily happen to newbies who are focusing more on learning the games rather than their own security.

4. Easier for hackers to steal data from other devices on the network

One way that hackers can gain access to your personal information is by accessing someone else’s account through the public Wi-Fi connection that was hacked into using a virus or malware. The owner of the compromised device could then also be at risk of identity theft – all without them ever knowing it happened because their machine remains untouched. It’s important that you know that a public network is secure before you connect your device.

What can you do to stay safe?

If you happen to be using a public network and it asks to use your personal information, disconnect immediately. It may sound counterintuitive, but this is a sign that a hacker could be trying to gain access to your accounts.

Online casinos often recommend that their gamblers use a VPN (virtual private network), which encrypts data sent over the internet. When using a VPN, people accessing public Wi-Fi networks can rest assured that their private information remains safe. Another form of encryption software that people may use is HTTPS, which ensures that communications between websites and browsers stay secure.